søndag 28. august 2011

My Lazy Sunday...

So this sunday have been really productive!

Some Starcraft II practising, Battlefield BC2 gaming and some leveling on WoW.

Had some sick games on Battlefield Bad Company 2:

I also watched the 'Caspian Border' Battlefield 3 video again today, it is so insane! What do you think?

So i have to buy a new headset, primaraly for gaming, music, movies and skype, so a good mic is needed. Ive been looking at a few, but cant decide. Any suggestions?

Astro A40:
Logitech G35:

5 kommentarer:

  1. Cool blog man. I've had a lazy Sunday as well and there's nothing better. Following your blog.

  2. Sounds like a well spent day. I've been working on school work all day.

  3. Plus for Sundays. That logitech will be mine.

  4. jealous. Nothing productive as well. Dad made me go to church. ugh.

  5. nice blog ;)
    about 1 year ago i bought Steelseries Siberia and I love it! But I don't know if there appear something new and better.