mandag 29. august 2011

Bomber takes the win!

Bomber took the win against CoCa last night, it was so insane!

Bomber had some insane marine/tank play, which was too muich for CoCa's mutalisks and banelings! Bomber is just too good, he won 80% of his games and 100% of his matchups!

He did say he wouldnt drop a game, bud he did loose the first game against CoCa, but it didnt matter!

Check out the pregame interview with the two:

6 kommentarer:

  1. haha, all the korean guys are so nerdy but their apm skill is just crazy. Nice blog btw, followed.

  2. following this fabulous blog. Ribbit! Jeremy Bullfrog out.

  3. So the Koreans are to videogames what 80's Russians were for Olympic events?

  4. this is easily one of the most enjoyable SC2 matches I've watched in a while. good post.

  5. @Dalf, in Starcraft II, yes they are like 80's Russians!