onsdag 31. august 2011

New keyboard!!

So my old keyboard, a Roccat Arvo, is starting to fall apart, so im on the lookout for a new one!

The keyboards i have been looking at are all mechanic, which basicly means they use a whole different technology which is way better than the usual rubber switch they use on normal keyboards.

The hottest mechanical gaming keyboards out there are the SteelSeries 6G V2 and the Razer BlackWidow. Unfortunately the BlackWidow version with backligting is REALLY expensive, so i wont buy that one.

SteelSeries 6G V2
Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Battlefield 3 Edition.
The Battlefield 3 keyboard looks kinda awesome, but as i said, its insanely expensive.

So what do you guys think? Are you the kind of person that doesnt give a shit about your keyboard, and dont udnerstand why people spend lots of money on it, or do you have an awesome gaming keyboard yourself?

tirsdag 30. august 2011

Preordering Battlefield 3!

As you guys propably know, Battlefield 3 is coming out this October, and as a huge BF fan, i have to get the most awesome and exclusive edition. The problem is that EA/Dice have not yet released a Collectors Edition. How can they not do this on a game that is so awesome and has a huge fanbase?

For now, the collest edition you can get is the steelbook edition, which is not yet official.
At least that one looks kinda awesome, but a real collectors edition with some action figures or something...

So will you guys be preordering this game?

mandag 29. august 2011

Bomber takes the win!

Bomber took the win against CoCa last night, it was so insane!

Bomber had some insane marine/tank play, which was too muich for CoCa's mutalisks and banelings! Bomber is just too good, he won 80% of his games and 100% of his matchups!

He did say he wouldnt drop a game, bud he did loose the first game against CoCa, but it didnt matter!

Check out the pregame interview with the two:

MLG Raleigh Finals!!!

The finals of Raleigh's MLG is going down in 10 minutes!

Its StarTale's Bomber vs. SlayerS' CoCa in the finals, so its Korean vs Korean! Damn, those asians are so pro in Starcraft II! I have to visit South Korea sometime!

StarTale's Bomber:

SlayerS' CoCa:

You can watch the finals here:

søndag 28. august 2011

My Lazy Sunday...

So this sunday have been really productive!

Some Starcraft II practising, Battlefield BC2 gaming and some leveling on WoW.

Had some sick games on Battlefield Bad Company 2:

I also watched the 'Caspian Border' Battlefield 3 video again today, it is so insane! What do you think?

So i have to buy a new headset, primaraly for gaming, music, movies and skype, so a good mic is needed. Ive been looking at a few, but cant decide. Any suggestions?

Astro A40:
Logitech G35:

lørdag 27. august 2011

Waking up in the PM...

So after last nights LAN i slept to 03:30 PM... Sucks waking up so late and find out that you have wasted your whole saturday.

But no worries, gonna stay at home tonight, watch the MLG streams and maybe play some games or watch a movie. I might also finish the third season of Dexter.

So what are you guys doing tonight?

This was how me and my friends watched the MLG last night. On a 50" flatscreen!

MLG Raleigh

The MLG streams are totaly insane! Huk Vs. CoCa was epic.

You can find the streams here:



fredag 26. august 2011

LAN Weekend!

Today its time for LAN!

Will be playing a lot of of Starcraft II, i just got to Gold League, so im not that good, but i have to do something about that dont i? :)

Got a couple of friends who are into the Starcraft II community, and im looking forward to playing a lot and watch some MLG Raleigh streams!

So do you guys play Starcraft II? What do you think about the game?

Also, im just gonna put these awesome Starcraft II videos here:

First time on the blog!

Whats up guys?

This blog will mainly be about gaming, and my experiences in games. I game almost every day, so i think i will have a thing or two to blog about!