søndag 4. september 2011

Gaming Laptop and WaterCooling!

So yesterday my brother got his new gaming laptop, and im so jealous! Its an Asus G74SX 17" with full hd screen and a pretty good graphicscard. We tried a variety of games on it, like Crysis 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Starcraft II and it can run all the games pretty good! In addition the laptop looks so good!

What do you guys think about gaming laptops? Are they a waste of money considered u can get a much better stationary gaming computer for the same price?

Asus G74SX - It looks so damn awesome!

As you might know if you have red my previous posts, i am planning to buy a whole lot of stuff since i get my scolarshipmoney soon! Now i have added watercooling to my list, and i am no on an adventure for which parts to buy! I have been looking at the EK-KIT H3O 240, and it looks pretty good! It is a complete kit with basic parts, and its not too expensive. I think i could switch out the fans and the reservoir looks pretty crappy. Also i sort of want colored tube. Heck, i might have to change out all of the parts.
EK-KIT H3O 240

Anyone know a thing or two about watercooling that could recommend me some parts?

Since this post was pretty much about hardware i will show you guys my current rig!
Im running an AMD X4 965BE clocked to 4.0GHZ, 4GB DDR3 RAM, MSI GeForce GTX560TI Twinfrozr II (epic cooling on that card!), 2.5TB of storage and a 60GB SSD. It works pretty good, but i might add another GTX560TI for Battlefield 3. Here is a pic:

My beloved computer <3

7 kommentarer:

  1. great post
    i want that notebook

  2. Well, I'm kinda forced to use a laptop, since my bedroom is way too small at the minute to place a real computer (I'm a graphic design student, I'd much rather use that space to cut paper or whatever).

    I would kill for a decent computher, though--this laptop is already starting to fall apart!

  3. I think that a desktop will always be better for gaming because you can upgrade it so easily and you get better specs for your money, btw you havea very cool desktop

  4. I like that, my laptop always runs hot, and has tripped a time or two. Great post.